What people are saying about Form Pilot

“I work part-time as an Insurance Examiner. I use Form Pilot Pro to prefill as much of my exam forms as possible. The program saves me time and makes the forms look much more professional”

Jim Tovinitti

“Thanks, I dearly love your wonderful program, Form Pilot. I use it daily and it has caused me to not have to get out the typewriter since I installed it. It’s great! I recommend it to all my friends!”

Brent Moseley

“Few people in school own typewriters anymore, but undergraduate and graduate schools insist on sending us paper forms. My generation grew up on the PC. Sometimes the creators of paper forms pose essay questions, but do not give us adequate space for our responses. Form Pilot, with its ability to use a variety of font sizes, solves this and other problems.”

Jerome McCuin

“I gave away my typewriter a few years ago, and since that time I’ve had to fill out forms by hand. When I downloaded Form Pilot to fill in numerous Texas Historical Commission forms (same form over and over but with different information on each one), my regrets for having given that typewriter away ended. Using Form Pilot is MUCH, MUCH better than using a typewriter. I can make sure that everything I want to say is said in the best possible way before I print the filled-in form on a blank page. I also like being able to change the font, since some of the forms limit the space that I can use. Now that I have a color printer, I will be able to place emphasis by using different colors of ink.”

Betty D. Hamilton,
Brownfield, Texas


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