What people are saying about Sound Pilot

“I’m a retired bank worker and I used type on typewriters. It’s nostalgic but the sound also helps to shift upper and lower case without errors. I can’t type with a silent keyboard. Believe it or not!”

Norberto Wilm

“Nice job on the morse code scheme! I am an amateur radio operator and I use morse code all the time, it’s great thanks again.”

Stewart Cowles

“I’m the author of 15 books and over 1,000 articles, and while computers have enhanced the quantity (and sometimes the quality) of my writing, I found that I was enjoying my work less than when I used a typewriter. I actually missed that clacking sound that convinced me that I was producing something! (As one famous writer said, the sound a computer makes is not commensurate with the vigor of his prose.) Thanks for bringing back that sound for me! (And also for making your sound pilot program so easy to download and install.)”

Paulette Cooper

“Personally I find it refreshingly fun. It makes the typing experience so much, for the lack of a better word, funner. For those that are just beginning to learn how to type this really is a good audio tool in which certain sounds can be assigned to each individual key on the Standard Keyboard. For those of you out there that consider yourselves bells and whistle type people, this is a program you shouldn’t miss out on. I use it at home and my Wife loves it herself and I also use it at work and most of my co-workers think it is uniquely different and love it. I have the only computer at work that constanly makes clicks, pops, beeps, and all other sorts of kewl sounds. I even have the robotic voice scheme which again for the people that are just learning to type, would be an excellent scheme. Anyhow, to make this comment about this wonderful program short, Ya just gotta try this and watch the fun..no..HEAR the fun….”

Paul Ballew

“I find the added sound effects a very useful aid to my Parkinson’s challenged typing… My typing speed, never exceptional, is kept steady on a good day, by maintaining a steady cadence which also makes me aware of not hitting the key properly or of ‘bouncing’ on the keys; all of great importance when trying to use a new keyboard as I am now.”

Barry Johnson

“This is an awesome program. I use it at work, but I think my colleagues are going to kill me if I continue to use it. Thanks for the good time though.”


“This is my favorite program in the whole wide world!”

Jan Myers

“Sad to say I discovered Sound Pilot late in the game and have yet to download and experience all the versions of this program. The sound pilot merges the new and old bring the old time typewriter into the 21st century with the next generation computer. That is why I enjoy the program because it gives me an audio connection to the literary past.”


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