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Secret Photos

Secret Photos will allow you to turn your photos into puzzles and create gifts for your friends using e-mail. Your friends will be thrilled with the gift - to see your photo they need to first solve the puzzle! Be careful - your friends can send you the same kind of puzzle of their photo and you will have to become a detective! Read more about Secret Photos...


Download Secret Photos 1.4 (1.0M), free

What to send Alice for her birthday?
Hey, you just received your summer photos!  Alice would be very glad to see them!  Should I send them to her by e-mail?
But I want them to look as a present!  Make a puzzle out of them!  Cut a photo into pieces and match them!
Put the puzzle into a box and send it by e-mail!  By e-mail? You are joking. How do I do it!  It is simple, use Secret Photos!


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