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Signature Pilot - software for signing documents

Note: Signature Pilot is integrated with Form Pilot.


Signature Pilot makes it easy and convenient to sign agreements and other documents right on your computer.

Sometimes you really need to send a signed agreement by e-mail in a graphic format.

You have to print out the agreement, sign it, and scan it in order to send it. By using your computer, you can avoid printing your document out on paper and then scanning it.

If you have your signature image on your computer you can just add it to the agreement image and e-mail it.

We have realized this concept in our Signature Pilot program.

How to sign a document

Suppose you create your agreement in MS Word, and all that's left to do is sign it and e-mail it.

  1. Send your document from MS Word to Signature Pilot (File | Print | Signature Pilot virtual printer).
    The agreement image will open in Signature Pilot.
  2. Turn on the Freehand Line tool to sign the document using your mouse or graphic tablet.
    You can also insert the signature image into your document using the Insert Picture option.
  3. Activate the Text tool to insert a disired text (for example, your name and company).
  4. If you need to send your document by e-mail, choose the Send | E-mail option in the File pop-up menu. A signed document can be faxed or saved in PDF format as well.

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There are Signature Pilot and Signature Pilot Pro versions. Here you can see their features...


Version history

Signature Pilot

July 28 2008 :: Version 1.4
+ Added setting the orientation and the sizes of each page.
+ Added the ability to input a font size manually.


Signature Pilot Pro

November 9 2008 :: Version 1.5
+ Added setting the orientation and the sizes of each page;
+ Added the ability to input a font size manually;
+ Improved EMF support:


Send us your comments and ideas for further development of Signature Pilot!


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