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Signature Pilot driver - How to open any document

Note: Signature Pilot is integrated with Form Pilot.


Signature Pilot driver allows you to convert any PDF, HTML, DOC, XLS, CDR, DWG, TXT... document into a raster image (BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF or PCX) and load it into Signature Pilot from any application that supports printing. Signature Pilot driver is installed on your system like any printer driver. It works only with Signature Pilot. Instead of printing to your standard printer, you will just select Signature Pilot and your document will come to Signature Pilot.

To get your document in Signature Pilot you should:

  1. Open the document into any application.
  2. Select the Print command in this application. A Print dialog will appear, for example:

  3. Select Signature Pilot as a Printer name.
  4. Click OK to print your document "on" Signature Pilot.
  5. A new document containing a raster form of the document from your application will be created in Signature Pilot.

Now you can fill in your document in Signature Pilot.

Using Signature Pilot you can convert a PDF file from Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, a document from MS Word, MS Excel, etc.


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