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Create Slide Show, Web Gallery and Screensaver from your photos with Slide Show Pilot
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  1. Can I write a CD as a VCD, SVCD, MPEG or a DVD? I would like to be able to play the slideshow, with music on a home DVD player.


  2. Which file formats can be opened in Slide Show Pilot?

    In Slide Show Pilot you can open JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF, TGA, PSD (limited), PCX.


  3. I would like to be able to hand out screensavers to my customers. Can I do this without having to provide them with a copy of the program?

    Your customers don't have to install Slide Show Pilot, because the program can create .exe and .scr files.


  4. Is it possible to choose individual effects for each slide change?

    You can set different effects for different slides. By default, the program uses Global Settings for your slide-shows. You can re-set them for certain slides. Select a slide and choose menu SlideShow | Slide Settings...

    Point an effect on the Effects tab and then click Ok. A checkmark will appear near this slide in the slides list. To cancel a setting, just click Reset in the Slide Settings dialog.


  5. Does Slide Show Pilot work on Mac platform?

    Unfortunately, the program is available for Windows platform only.


  6. Your example shows a flash movie. How can I create a flash movie in Slide Show Pilot?

    Slide Show Pilot does not allow you to create Flash Movies. This Flash movie on our site was made with other tools for a demonstration reason.


  7. How to put a slide show (not a static gallery) on a web site?


  8. When I put a bunch of pictures in a slide show, then link them with a play list, they run fine, but when I turn the slide show into a single executable (including the playlist), the pictures, timing and transitions tend to lag irregularly. As a result, the sound ends before the pictures are switched. The more pictures - the longer the lag. When I have 30 pictures- the lag is about 10 seconds. When there are 6 pictures the lag is about 1 second. I tried running a single executable file from both a CD and from my hard drive - same result...

    Simply synchronize slides and sound: go to menu SlideShow | Settings... Select the General tab and check Background playlist in the Synchronize slides with audio field:

    Or, you can compensate time of slides loading by checking "Start timer before image loading" checkbox on the Slide tab.


  9. How many pictures can be put in one slide show?

    There are no limitations for number of slides. The sky (your disk space) is the limit.


  10. Will it show full screen on the computer?

    Yes. However, you can also create so-called "window" slide show (menu SlideShow | Settings... | General | Slide show screen layout | Customize):


  11. I keep getting an error message saying some parameters are not correct.

    This error is typical for Windows 98/Me when there is a lack of system resources. Please close other applications that are running on your computer.


  12. Can I change the default slide transition to a custom transition when I create a web gallery? I clicked the Custom radiobutton and clicked on the custom transition I wanted. It seemed to work properly when I did a preview of the show. But when I rendered the final output, it reverted to random transitions.

    When you create a web gallery in the Slide Show (IE Transitions) style, the program applies the transition effects contained in Internet Explorer. While generating a web gallery Slide Show Pilot doesn't use the sets from the menu SlideShw | Settings | Effects window.


  13. What's the best way to email a slideshow? I've tried creating a web gallery but don't know how to email a link to that; when I tried it, none of the pictures were available. A saved slideshow is too large to email.


  14. My mom created a slide show and she can view it on her computer. She burned the slide show onto a cd and mailed it to me. I have Slide Show Pilot also. When I try to play her slide show, I get the following error message: "Cannot open file. The system cannot find the path specified." Why can't I see images?

    Looks like your mother copied only a project file on the CD (with the .ss extension), that is actually a text file containing project options and links to the pictures. But the pictures themselves are on the hard drive of your mother's computer. Therefore, your program cannot find them on the CD.

    Your mother needs to create an output slide show single executable file using the program menu Tools | Output/CD Slide Show and then burn it into the CD. You will be able to run the .exe file and see the slide show even if you don't have Slide Show Pilot installed on your computer.


  15. I created a CD with my output slide show, but it doesn't play sound on other computers.

    If you use .wma (Windows Media Audio) files, perhaps you created licensed or protected files by Windows Media Player. In this case you can use them only on your computer. Please read about licensed/protected music files in Media Player's help file | Using the Player | Copying Music from CDs topic. You can turn off Content Protection in Media Player's Option dialog | Copy Music tab and recreate your .wma files.

    If you use .mp3 files, try to download and install the latest DirectX v8.1 or higher from Microsoft's website.


  16. I created a CD, but my computer doesn't automatically run it when I insert the CD into the drive.

    To "autoplay" a CD, Windows tries to find an Autorun.inf file in the root of the CD. If you create your output slide show as "Single Executable File", Slide Show Pilot generates [SlideShowName].exe and Autorun.inf files. You should burn them to the root of your CD (not inside a folder!). If you do so, please note that your CD burning software must burn the output slide show .exe file with the original name, because Autorun.inf contains a command-line to run it. Sometimes CD burning software changes and cuts off long file names. Please open the Autorun.inf file on your CD and compare the .exe file name after the Open line with the real slide show .exe file name on your CD. Do not use long file names and space characters for executable file names when you create an output slide show.


  17. I burned a CD with my output slide show. When I run the CD, it works slow and the slide intervals become long. The same slide show works fine from my hard drive.

    CD drives are very slow in comparison with hard drives. If your source images are large (they may have large pixel resolution or be uncompressed), use the Resize slide images options in the Create Output Slide Show dialog | Images tab:

    For example, select the Large / 1024x768 option. The program will create output slides in JPEG format. Typical 1024x768 JPEG images have 70-150 Kb size.


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