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Slide Show Pilot version history

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Version history

January 23 2009 :: Version 3.0
* Version 3.0 always synchronizes slides with the Sync Playlist (the Sound button). Also there's the independent Background Playlist. By default, the Sound column of the Slide List's Details view with the slide-specific playlists is hidden.
+ You can insert silence intervals into playlists.
+ The Timeline Editor is now a view of the Slide List on the main screen.
+ The Slide List also has a new Thumbnails view (more slides on the same area).
* Slides always have their own slide settings. No "global" settings as in version 2.0, but there're the default slide settings. The program applies the default slide setting to all new slides you add to the project. You can select multiple slides and change only separate slide settings (version 2.0 changes them all for the selected slides).
+ More caption style options (shadow, shape, semi-transparent colors).
* Thumbnail/navigation panel during the show.
* More album menu styles/visual options.
* The web gallery feature is redesigned. Now it has two templates
(SlideShow and Table) and several visual styles.

May 27 2007 :: Version 2.00.02
* Minor bug is fixed.

November 29 2006 :: Version 2.00
+ Added: Slide Editor that allows you to place additional text boxes, images, Flash/SWF animations and video clips on slides;
+ Added: Timeline Editor, where you can allocate slide transition points on the timeline of the background playlist;
+ Added: Motion (pan & zoom) effects (only for output video files and discs);
+ Added: Margin, Border, Padding and Shadow options for slide pictures.

August 8 2006 :: Version 1.60
+ Added: Word Wrap option for captions in the Settings window | Slide tab;
+ Added: OGG/Vorbis audio support;
+ Added: The program can use EXIF & IPTC tags in the slide captions. For example {EXIF: Date/Time Original} will be converted to the original date/time placed to the JPEG image by the digital photo camera (Note: if you use the "Resize slide images" options for output slide shows, EXIF and IPTC information in output slide images is removed);
+ Added: An ability to copy/paste slides (the Copy/Paste items in the slide list right-click popup menu);
+ Added: "Auto rotate JPEG images according to EXIF orientation" option (the View | Options window);
* Improved: Now the Caption and Info Text font options in the (Slide) Settings window | Slide tab allow you to change the background color and transparency. The Transparent text option on the General tab is removed;
* Fixed: Problems with VBR(Variable Bit Rate)-encoded MP3 files.


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