Keyboard Sound Effects for people with disabilities

Sound Pilot is a Windows software that adds keyboard sound effects while you are typing. Each touch of the keyboard makes a new sound. This software helps people with physical, visual or cognitive disabilities.

Sound Pilot adds keyboard sound

Feedback of one of our loyal users

“Thank you so much for your wonderful program. I have been disabled for many years. Due to chemo and medicines, I have neuropathy in my fingers. I can never tell if I “hit” the keyboard hard enough to register because of the lack of tactile feedback. Sound pilot assures me that I, indeed, pressed the key I intended to press successfully. Thank you so much for your generosity. Please feel free to use my name and paraphrase this email in anyway you choose. Thanks again for making my life better!”

James Gill

Sound Pilot can use different sound sets. The “typewriter” set is used by default.

For more Information about the program, go to Sound Pilot page…