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Earn Money with our Affiliate System

You can now generate additional income from your website when you become our affiliate partner. All you have to do is to place a special custom version of Type Pilot product on your website. You receive $10 dollar commission for every copy sold. Typical downloads/buy ratio (sometimes called conversion ratio) is 1/100. So you can earn about $100 for each 1000 downloads from your site.

All payments are handled by SWREG. If you are interested in this offer, please contact us using online form.



  • How do I start?
    1. Please send us a message that contains the address of your website and the number of daily visitors.
    2. We give you the special custom version of Type Pilot with special buy link that contains your affiliate code.
    3. You place it on your website. Or we can store your custom version on our website and give you the link only.

  • How do I control sales?
    The first time someone creates an order using this URL, SWREG registration service automatically opens a new account for you concerned at You can access the sales report on-line and control the amount of copies that were sold via your website.

  • How do I receive my money?
    You can receive your money via US check, wire transfer or PayPal. Please let us know which type of payment you prefer.

  • If I become an affiliate and then buy Type Pilot through my own affiliate link, will this order bring me $10?
    No :)

Special affiliate offer for registered users of Type Pilot

If you are a registered user of Type Pilot we can also create a custom version of Type Pilot with your own advertisement for unregistered users to see, as in this example:

The "Hide" button leads the users to the Registration window. So if the user doesn't register the program, it will display your advertisment. If he registers the program, you will get a $10 commision.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us using online form.



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