Email autocorrection can be easily made with help of Type Pilot. When you type a word wrong, Type Pilot will substitute it with a correct one. Here are some examples:

abbout about
abotu about
abouta about a
aboutit about it
aboutthe about the
adn and
advanage    advantage
affraid afraid
agian again
almsot almost
alomst almost
alraedy already
alreayd already
alreday already
alwasy always
alwyas always
anbd and
availalbe available
awya away
aywa away

The full version contains 816 entries.

Insert phrases quickly in any text editor! For example:

1) You type: if1

2) You get: If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This letter can be typed just by pressing several keys:

Words can be easily corrected with help of Type Pilot

All this you can make with Type Pilot.

Common Phrases list: download and use!