How to make Type Pilot type a phrase using a single keyword?

Let us say, we want that the typed keyword ttt1 automactically turns into a phrase “Thank you for your letter”. To make Type Pilot expand keyword into a phrase, make the following:

1) Double-click the Type Pilot icon Type Pilot icon in System Tray in the system tray to open the main window.

2) In the left part of the program, select or create a folder that you want to add a phrase to.

Select a folder to add a Phrase

3) Click the New phrase button on the main toolbar.

Click New Phrase

4) The Edit phrase window appears.

Edit Phrase window in Type Pilot

5) Type any phrase in the window, and assign a keyword for the phrase in the Keyword field.

Add a phrase in Type Pilot

6) Click OK. Open any text editor and type ttt1. You get the following results.

The phrase is added in Type Pilot


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