Find a phrase if you don’t remember where it is located

Type Pilot allows you to store text templates using the tree-like structure. You can insert these templates into your email or other documents just by typing short keywords. But how do you find a text template if you don’t remember either the defined keyword nor where the template is located in Type Pilot?

Suppose, you have the following phrase in Type Pilot:

! Please note that my e-mail address has changed.
My new e-mail address is

But you can’t remember where this phrase is located. To find a phrase, click the Find Phrases icon on the main toolbar.

Find Phrases icon

The following window appears:

Type Pilot search window

Enter a part of the phrase into the search window and click Find. You get the following result:

Enter text to search

Double click the phrase. The phrase appears in the Edit Phrase window.

The phrase appears in the Edit Phrase window

You can also set up a hot key for opening the Find Phrases window.

In the main window, select Options | Actions.

select Options - Actions

The following window appears.

Select the Find command in the Actions list

Select the Find item from the list.

Now, you can define a hot key for opening the Find Phrases window. Click OK to apply the changes.

If you press ALT+T, the Find Phrases window automatically appears.


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