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What is PDF? PDF version of this article is available.
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Portable Document Format (PDF) is a worldwide standard for electronic documents. It was originally developed by Adobe for the U.S. Federal Government to store its legacy files. Now PDF files are used by government, regulated industries, different financial services, lawyers, publishing industry, education institutions. PDF files are used to distribute faxes, documentation, handbooks, court filing, letters, reports, tax forms.

PDF file preserves all the fonts, colors and structure regardless of the software and hardware so the electronic copy of PDF document will be always identical to the original and it will be viewed and printed identically to the original document.

PDF documents can be viewed on more than 20 hardware platforms (including Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, Palm and Pocket PC) using freely distributed viewers like Adobe Reader.

Moreover, PDF format meets the legal documents requirements. It means that PDF file can not be altered without leaving electronic footprint. In addition to this, PDF files provide document-level security (using 40-bit or 128-bit key) and they can be protected by the password. Content of the document can be protected from editing, copying and printing as well.

Images, watermarks, hyperlinks and annotations can be embedded into the PDF document. Ability to use tree-like structured bookmarks (outlines) makes the navigation much easier.

PDF documents can contain interactive elements like input fields, listbox, checkboxes, radioboxes. That is why PDF is widely used as the PDF forms that can be filled in, printed or electronically submitted from web-browser. PDF files are compressed so they can be downloaded much faster and their storage takes much fewer resources.


PDF library and Virtual Printer Drivers for developers

PDF Creator Pilot library

How to Add and Delete PDF Pages
How to Change Character Spacing
How to Change Metadata of a PDF Document
How to Change Text Rise
How to Create a Button
How to Create a CheckBox
How to Create a ComboBox
How to Create a ListBox
How to create a new PDF document
How to create a Sound (Audio) Annotations in PDF document
How to Create Dash Pattern
How to Create Edit Boxes
How to Create Fillable PDF Forms
How to Create Graphics in PDF Document Using Patterns
How to Create Gray Color Space in PDF and Draw Graphics Elements
How to Create Layers (Optional Contrent Groups) in PDF
How to Create RGB Color Space in PDF and Draw Rectangles
How to draw simple elements, such as a line and cubic Bezier curves
How to draw simple elements, such as a rectangle and ellipses
How to Increase Or Decrease The Size Of a Text Line Using Horizontal Scaling
How to Insert an Image into a PDF
How to manipulate primitives to clip drawing objects
How to Open a Existing PDF Document
How to place a Attachments into PDF document
How to Protect Your PDF Document With a Password
How to Save And Restore Graphics State
How to Scale and Translate Coordinates
How to Specify Text Rendering Mode
How to Submit and Reset Form Actions
How to Use Blend Modes
How to Use Fonts
How to Write Text in a PDF Document

For more details please see the PDF Creator Pilot main page.

PDF Virtual Printer Drivers

With Virtual Printer you will be able to generate an output in the form of standard raster or vector formats from your program, modify a virtual-printed document before sending it for actual printing, and import documents from other applications.

For more information see the main page of Virtual Printer Drivers Custom Development Service.


End-user PDF software

The PDF-related products, based on PDF Creator Pilot, for home and office use.

Form Pilot line - software for filling out forms of any type. The Form Pilot line includes Form Pilot Home, Form Pilot Pro, and Form Pilot Office.

The Pro and Office versions allow you to save PDF forms. Compare products of the form-filler line.

PDF Converters - change the JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, EMF, PPT, POT, PPS, XLT, XLS, XLW, DOC, DOT, WPS, WRI, RTF, and HTML files into PDF documents. More....

Universal converters - PDF Printer Pilot (Pro) and PDF2Mail Pilot (Pro) convert various files into PDFs using a virtual printer. PDF2Mail Pilot (Pro) helps you send the PDF document by email as well.
Business Software Accounting offers a complete set of accounting modules. All reports have the capability to produce a PDF file using PDF Creator Pilot. The applications include: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Payroll, Fixed Assets, Inventory, Order Entry, Purchase Order, Order Quotes, Light Manufacturing, Job Cost, Trucking, and Work Orders. Our software is both Windows and Internet ready.
Scrapbook MAX! is the fun and easy way to create great looking digital scrapbooks on your computer. You can combine photos, embellishments, journal text and more into amazing layouts. Publish to PDF, CD/DVD, video, email, web, print and more.



The Portable Document Format article at Wikipedia: history, technology, implementations...

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What is PDF | For developers | End-user PDF software | Resources | Contacts


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