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EXIF/IPTC/XMP data viewer, data editor & creator February 20th
Exif Pilot 5.2
EXIF/IPTC/XMP data viewer, editor and creator

Software for filling in paper forms February 9th
Form Pilot for Mac 3.5
Software for filling in paper forms

Filling out paper and all electronic forms January 23rd
Form Pilot Home, Form Pilot Pro, Form Pilot Office 2.61
Filling out paper and all electronic forms

December 26th
Perspective Pilot 3.11.0
Perspective correction software

Photo Montage Guide - photomontage software


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Form-Filler Software

fill out your form with our form-filler software Form Pilot™
- is a line of form filler software. Fill out any kinds of forms on your computer instead of using a typewriter. You can use our form-filler for preprinted or blank paper forms, for filling out electronic forms of any type (DOC, TXT, XLS, PDF, etc.).

More details:
How to fill out paper forms...
How to fill out electronic forms...
Form Pilot for Mac...

Auto-replaces a keyword with the required text in any software Type Pilot™
- is an automatic typing software that helps you to quickly type phrases in document. You just define keywords for a frequently used text snippet, phrase, sentence or paragraph.

Digital Photo Correction

Beauty Pilot - photo retouching portrait sofware Beauty Pilot™
- bring out the beauty in women's portraits taken with a digital camera!
Only a gentle touch is required to erase a skin imperfection in a photo.
photo retouch of digital photos Retouch Pilot™
- enhance background outdoor scenes in your photos by removing unnecessary objects.
Retouch any technical imperfections in your photos and restore old scanned photos.
EXIF editors for viewing, editing, and creating EXIF and IPTC data Exif Pilot™
- is a free EXIF-editor with support for a paid plug-in for batch editing.

Exif Pilot allows reading and editing the following file formats: JPEG, PNG, DNG, NEF, PEF, CRW, PSD, RAF, CR2, MRW, ARW, and many others.

Batch Editing Plug-in™- a plug-in for multiple photos processing.
Perspective Pilot - sofware for perspective correction Perspective Pilot™
- allows you to correct perspective on urban landscape photos.
The program automatically crops the external edges arising after photo correction.

See also: MakeUp Pilot™, Clipping Pilot™, Color Pilot™, Red Eye Pilot™, Photo Scissors Pilot™, Slide Show Pilot™...

Tools and Services for Developers

pdf library, virtual printer and other developer solutions PDF Creator Pilot™ - library for reading PDF and creating PDF files in .NET, VB, ASP, Delphi, Visual C++ and VBScript.

PDF Mosaic library™ - .NET library that allows you to create, merge and modify PDF documents.

HTML2PDF-X Pilot™ - a library for converting HTML to PDF using the WebKit layout engine.

EMF2PDF SDK Pilot™ - library for converting EMF files to PDF format.

Custom Virtual Printers™ - EMF Virtual Printer for software developers with custom name and features.


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