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Two Pilots' Converters


Convert Documents into PDF

Document2PDF Pilot™ - converts MS Word, Excel, HTML, RTF and many other documents to PDF files.

CHM2PDF Pilot™ - converts CHM documents to PDF files.

HTML2PDF Pilot™ - converts HTML documents to PDF files.


Convert Images into PDF

Image2PDF Pilot™ - batch conversion utility that converts images (TIFF, JPG, PNG, EMF) to PDF document.

TIFF2PDF Pilot™ - batch conversion utility, converts TIFF images (including multi-page images) into PDF.

Bmp2PDF Pilot™ - batch conversion utility, converts BMP images into PDF.


Convert PDF to Text and Image Files

PDF2Text Pilot™ - PDF to text file converter. Freeware open-source product.

PDF2Image Pilot™ - PDF to image file converter.


Universal to PDF Converters

DjVu Printer Pilot™ - converts any document to DjVu using the virtual printer. Freeware product.

PDF Printer Pilot (Pro)™ - converts any document to PDF using the virtual printer.

PDF2Mail Pilot (Pro)™ - converts files to PDF and sends them by email.


Last News

November 16 2016
CHM2PDF Pilot version 2.23
- The bug related to 'All to one' option has been fixed.

February 13 2012
PDF2Text Pilot version 3.0.1
+Drag&Drop method for adding files;
+Minor changes in GUI;
+Main Menu strip added;
+Resizable lists added;
*Functions for working with .pdf files improved (now they are based on PDF Mosaic Library);
*Command line improved.



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