Document2PDF Pilot now converts text with right to left writing direction

While left-to-right is the usual direction for most scripts (particularly Latin and Cyrillic), there are many other writing systems. For example, right-to-left writing systems are: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian.

The new BETA version of Document2PDF Pilot 2.28.0 now works with documents that contain text of these languages.

Let us say, we have a .docx document that contains the following Hebrew text:

Convert hebrew text to pdf with Document2PDF Pilot

To convert this document to PDF, open Document2PDF Pilot and select the file by clicking the “Add file” button.

How to convert hebrew to pdf

Click “Convert…” Result:

Hebrew text converted to pdf

You are welcome to test the newest beta version! Feel free to drop us comments about any issues related to this version.

Examples of languages written from right to left:

Arabic languageArabic
Hebrew languageHebrew
Persian languagePersian
Urdu languageUrdu

Read more about right-to-left script on Wikipedia…

Where is right-to-left writing used in the world (yellow):

Where is right-to-left writing used


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