How to add a new color to the color collection or create a new collection

On starting the program, the collection you previously worked with is opened. Only five colors are initially visible, however the “Scroll Colors” button allows to view the other colors in the collection.

1. To add a new color to the collection, press the “Reference Color” button on the Collection panel, Select the rectangular area of the image, colored in what you need, and click the “Extract Color from the Active Region” button:

The new color will be added to the current collection, i.e. collection opened at the moment.

Then invoke the Collection Manager (go to File | Collection Manager or press the “Collection Manager” button ) and click “Save Collection” to save this changed collection with the same name:

2. To save the changed collection as new choose the “Save as” item in the Save Collection list of Collection Manager or click “File” on the main menu and choose the “Save collection as…” item.

3. To delete a color in opened collection, select the color, right-click it, then choose “Delete” from pop-up menu.

4. To create a new collection, delete all colors from the current collection, add new colors as described in step 1 and save it under a new name.


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