How to work with a color collection

On starting the program, the collection you previously worked with is opened. Only a few colors are initially visible, however the scroller below the collection allows to view the other colors in the collection.

Use the scroller to view the colors


How to add a new color to the collection

1. Press the Reference Color button on the bottom panel:

Reference Color button

2. Select the rectangular area of the image you want to extract the color from:

Select the area in the photo

3. Click the Extract Color from the Active Region button. The Color will appear next to the button you just clicked.

Extract Color from the Active Region

4. Finally, click Add color to Collection:

Add color to Collection

The new color will be added to the current collection, i.e. collection opened at the moment:

The color is added to the collection


How to work with a color collection

Invoke the Color Collection dialog box (go to File | Color Collection…)

Color Collection dialog box

The following operations are available:

CommandOpen Collection – Open the collection in existing file.

CommandSave Collection As – Saves the collection file.

CommandRemove Color [Delete] – Deletes the selected color.

CommandAdd Color [Insert] – Opens a dialog box for selecting a color to add to the collection.

CommandCut Ctrl+X – Deletes the selected color and places it on the Clipboard.

CommandCopy Ctrl+C – Puts the selected colors on the Clipboard.

CommandPaste Ctrl+V – Adds a color from the Clipboard to the collection.

CommandShow / Hide collection textures – Defines the appearance of colors in the Collection. Changes the appearance of colors in the collection when you toggle this button.


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