What people are saying about Type Pilot

“One of my resolutions each year is to improve productivity and improve process. Al Harberg suggested Type Pilot to me around the first of the year, so I gave it a try. Type Pilot is saving approximately 7 hours a week. I’ve created a directory of common phrases, explanations, answers and signatures for our various products. I use the macros to respond to forum posts and emails. I expect that as I continue to build my response database, I will save even more time. If productivity matters to you, take a look at Type Pilot.”

Sharon Housley

“I can recommend this tool. We use it for about a year now. It sits in the tray and can be used in any app having text controls. You can assign shortkeys to the most used text templates or use “handles”. You can assign a word or a short sentence to a text template and Type Pilot will convert it into a nice peace of text when you type it. Handles work much faster for me than drag-n-drop.”

Mykola Rudenko

“Type Pilot is the most used program on my computer beside my email program and my live chat service client program. I am online for over 12 years and worked as a business coach for fortune 500 companies plus I wrote a book on project mangement. All those talks would have been done much easier if I would have found Type Pilot much sooner. But, hey! Now they are here. I highly recommend Type Pilot. I MUST HAVE for anyone who is using their computer for their business.”

Semmy Stumpp

“I would like to thank you for making an easy to use and very practical program. I bought this program for my niece who was in a very serious auto accident almost two years now. She can’t walk or use her hands like she used to and this program makes her write email to her family and friends easier. Since she has very minimal hand movement this program does help her with her condition.”

Ruben Morales

“In my work as a science editor I keep track of hundreds of abbreviations, most of which must be spelled out at first use. I use a prefix unlikely to appear as the start of a real word or abbreviation (xx or yy, etc.) plus the abbreviation as the Type Pilot keyword, and have to enter the complex correct expanded form only once. Then, even if I don’t quite remember, I get it right. So xxfish gives “fluorescence in situ hybridization” (not “fluorescent in situ…”). xxbrdu gives bromodeoxyuridine. xxalp gives “alkaline phosphatase” and xxalt gives “alanine transaminase”.

I also use TP for standard queries to authors: eg xxcute gives “AU: Please consider dropping the cute subtitle. Such jokes rarely wear well, and you would be stuck with the stale humor for the rest of your professional careers.” xxerrata gives “AU, ref. 0: When a correction has been published, the erratum notice becomes a permanent part of the original reference. Thus the insertion here.” (I just update “ref. 0” to the actual number.)

If I have another publisher who uses different definitions, I change the prefix (eg, xx for my main publisher, yy for alternatives; thus, yyfish gives “fluorescent in situ hybridization” instead of “fluorescence…”). THANK YOU for helping me maintain consistency and accuracy across all my work!

Word’s Autocorrect is prone to corruption, is hard to update or transfer to another computer, and is available only in Word. TP works in e-mail or Excel or Open Office just as well as in Word. Best of all: TP can import phrase lists: a great advantage when starting a new project. PS: Over time, my phrase list accumulates even rare and unusual abbreviations, which saves me looking things up repeatedly. When I encounter a seemingly new acronym, I always try the xx-prefixed version, in case I have already confirmed the correct expansion. If it spells out, fine; if not, I look it up AND immediately add it to my phrase list. My work gets easier that way.”

Gundega Korsts

“I have been using Type Pilot for a long time now. I like that it is so easy to set up.”


“I love Type Pilot! Because my company has a website we sell from, we often get similar questions asked to us via email. With Type Pilot I am able to have responses saved and can with just a keystroke, paste in our prepared answer and then edit it as necessary for the specific customer. Save us so much time!”

Cathi Aiello
Owner of Allegro Accounting

“Type Pilot is a program that has saved me many hours and many keystrokes. I can’t image living without it. If you type… Type Pilot is worth purchasing. I highly recommend it.”

Mark Taflinger

“Type pilot is a very useful “PC-app” , and since I startet to use it, – several years ago, I have “problems” using other computers. (Why do not “aag” show my emailadress ? or aaa show my name? [had to edit to get the shortcuts show up here, – and not my email, and name 😉 ]) I use it to correct typos, have shortcuts for name, email adresses, – mail adress, and so on. Have at least 70 different shortcuts , and a lot of typos-corrections. ” ro ” changes to ” or ” ( note the spaces ), ” em ” gives ” me ” , and so on…. I can fully recomend Type Pilot ! ;)”

Asbjorn Aamot


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