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What people are saying about Type Pilot

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One of my resolutions each year is to improve productivity and improve process. Al Harberg suggested Type Pilot to me around the first of the year, so I gave it a try. Type Pilot is saving approximately 7 hours a week. I've created a directory of common phrases, explanations, answers and signatures for our various products. I use the macros to respond to forum posts and emails. I expect that as I continue to build my response database, I will save even more time. If productivity matters to you, take a look at Type Pilot.

Sharon Housley

I can recommend this tool. We use it for about a year now. It sits in the tray and can be used in any app having text controls. You can assign shortkeys to the most used text templates or use "handles". You can assign a word or a short sentence to a text template and Type Pilot will convert it into a nice peace of text when you type it. Handles work much faster for me than drag-n-drop.

Mykola Rudenko

Type Pilot is the most used program on my computer beside my email program and my live chat service client program. I am online for over 12 years and worked as a business coach for fortune 500 companies plus I wrote a book on project mangement. All those talks would have been done much easier if I would have found Type Pilot much sooner. But, hey! Now they are here. I highly recommend Type Pilot. I MUST HAVE for anyone who is using their computer for their business.

Semmy Stumpp

I would like to thank you for making an easy to use and very practical program. I bought this program for my niece who was in a very serious auto accident almost two years now. She can't walk or use her hands like she used to and this program makes her write email to her family and friends easier. Since she has very minimal hand movement this program does help her with her condition.

Ruben Morales


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