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How do I use a template with specific parameters?

Perhaps you already understand how easy and convenient it is to insert text templates for your documents, letters, programming code, and so on. The great thing about Type Pilot is that you can do it in any word processor. Perhaps you want to use the dynamic templates - those are the ones in which the words may vary. As an example, you can use a personal letter template:

Hello ......,
We are glad to inform you that

When you enter the corresponding keyword to type such a template, you are asked to specify a name:


After clicking OK, you get the following:

Hello John,
We are glad to inform you that

To set up a dynamic template for this case, do the following:

1. Click the New Phrase button to create a new phrase and enter the text of the phrase. To insert the Name parameter, go to the menu Insert | Parameter... in the Edit Phrase window:


A new window appears.


Enter Name and click OK.


#parameter:Name# is inserted automatically into your phrase.


Finish your phrase and define a keyword, for example, hello01. Click OK.


Now, if you type hello01, you are asked to specify a name.




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