Two Types of Print Jobs Handled by Virtual Printer Driver

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There are two primary types of print jobs handled by our Virtual Printer Driver:


EMF print jobs consist of multiple pages, each comprising a set of EMF commands. When a printing application generates a print job, it utilizes WinAPI functions to produce images and text. These functions are recorded in the print job as corresponding EMF commands. Our virtual printer then extracts EMF files for each page. Subsequently, the EMF virtual printer converter transforms these files into various output formats such as BMP, PNG, JPG, TIFF, and PDF. By analyzing the EMF file, you gain insights into the specific WinAPI functions employed by the printing application during document printing.


ESC/POS print jobs contain sets of ESC/POS commands designed for specific printers. Typically, these files contain text, along with special font-switching commands. When our virtual printer receives an ESC/POS print job, it interprets these commands and renders the text or graphics using WinAPI commands. The Windows operating system allows you to redirect this output to a file, resulting in the generation of an EMF file, which is subsequently transmitted to the converter.

Upon receiving a print job, our virtual printer driver intelligently determines the content type and operates accordingly:

  • For EMF print jobs, comprising multiple EMF pages, the corresponding EMF files are extracted and processed.
  • For ESC/POS print jobs, our POS printer emulator comes into play, generating an EMF file. However, it’s important to note that our emulator may not support all POS commands from certain printers. In such cases, an unsupported command may lead to incorrect emulation and the ignoring of some commands.


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