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CHM to PDF conversion using CHM2PDF Pilot

To convert CHM to PDF file, do the following:

  1. Add the CHM document (1).
  2. Click the Convert button (2).

Click the PDF Settings button if you want to set up or review conversion properties. More detail...
Double-click the converted file to open it.

The program allows you to convert text to PDF as well.

The program supports command line, batch conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions


Download free demo

Limitations of the trial version: additional text appears on every page.
System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 32/64-bit.

Download CHM2PDF Pilot 2.24 ( 10M)

If you have any question or problems, feel free to contact us. You may attach files that were not converted or not converted properly.
Questions will be answered and comments are welcome.


Order CHM2PDF Pilot (39.95 Euro)


Version history

November 9 2017 :: Version 2.24
* Changed the way of using /all2one option. As the value of this option it is necessary to use the name of created PDF file.
* Option /excludeorphanpages is enabled by default.


Send us your comments and ideas for further development of CHM2PDF Pilot!


Full list of converters:


Program Converts:   Price  
Document2PDF Pilot   txt, rtf, html, htm, shtml, chm, doc,
mcw, xls, xlw, wri, wps, wpt to PDF
49.95 Euro
CHM2PDF Pilot chm to PDF 39.95 Euro
HTML2PDF Pilot html to PDF 29.95 Euro
PDF2Text Pilot PDF to text files free



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