Virtual Printer Driver Source Code – for Windows 2003/2008R2/2012/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11

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You can buy the source code for Virtual Printer Driver. The price varies depending on whether you have permission to distribute the Virtual Printer Driver source code with your products’ source code.

Safeguard your investments and ensure the longevity of your projects in the face of market uncertainties. Read more about the reasons to acquire the source code of a virtual printer…

 Main Conditions

12950 EUR

19950 EUR

All available features of Virtual Printer SDK are included, and you can build the driver in any configuration with any name. Yes Yes
Royalty-free right to distribute Binary Virtual Printer Driver with your applications. Yes Yes
Permission to modify the source code.
Yes Yes
Permission to distribute the Virtual Printer Driver source code with your products’ source code. No Yes
Permission to create a competitive development service using the source code. No No
Read the whole Agreement:
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If you are interested in buying the source code, please contact us.


Virtual Printer Driver Source Code – Files Overview:

  • agent.rex – the VPDAgent service source code
  • ClientSample – the sample client application source code
  • converter2.1.rex – the converter source code
  • drvui – UI from DDK
  • MessageBox – simple message box application source code
  • msi_installer – WiX Toolset scripts
  • portmont.rex – portmonitor from DDK
  • properties2.0 – the properties tool source code
  • scripts – all auxiliary files
  • setup – the printe driver installer source code
  • vpd_internal – the auxiliary source code
  • vpd_sdk – the helper library for VPD settings
  • PDFOut-SDK – the PDFOut.dll and emf2pdf.dll library source code

Virtual Printer Driver Source Code – Software Requirements:

  • MSVS 2013, 2015 *
  • WDK 7600
  • WiX Toolset
  • NSIS
  • InnoSetup

* Sometimes Microsoft changes the licensing terms and versions of Visual Studio, and the links provided may cease to work. In such case, look for another distribution of Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2015, or contact Microsoft for technical support.

Optimal Conditions for Development Environment Setup

Please note that we do not provide support for setting up a development environment for your company’s developers. Having a qualified C++ programmer in your company is the key to success in setting up a development environment and building a Virtual Printer Driver project.

Remote programmer or in-house programmer?

Setting up a development environment on a remote computer and working on it remotely is very challenging. Permissions may be difficult, remote debugging may not work, and keyboard shortcuts may not be transmitted remotely. It may happen that when working remotely, you will not be able to solve a basic problem.

Therefore, if you decide to go with a remote programmer, it is better for them to develop everything independently and send you ready-made programs.

We recommend that you hire not a remote developer but an in-house programmer who can set up the environment and assemble the project on-site.

How to Build a Project from Source Code:


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