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How to clip objects and place them on other photos


This describes how to create a photomontage using Clipping Pilot. We will clip the object from one photo's background and place it on another photo.

Open the first image to the clip the object.
Select the Clipping tool, set the desired size, and roughly select the object's outline.


Press Outline.
Clipping Pilot performs an automatic search of the object's contour within the selected area.


The object is selected inexactly.
Rightclick to switch the tool into correction mode and narrow the edge. The border deviates to the left, so we need to narrow the border from that side (on the left).
Press Outline. The object's outline selected is now more accurately selected. To refine your results, repeat the previous step.


Press Result to accept the corrected outline.
Press Save Object and Done to finish processing.


Open the second image to make a photomontage. Select the Photomontage tool.


Paste the object by pressing and holding the mouse button and dragging the mouse.
Finalize by clicking outside the rectangle.



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