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Rotation Pilot - a set of handy tools for rotating, resizing, and flipping your photos


With Rotation Pilot you no longer have to guess on how many degrees you should rotate your image to adjust a visual slope, often appearing on amateur photographs. Set a vertical or horizontal axle and the software will do the rest !

Image rotation example

The program contains the following special tools:

          Rotation  You can rotate a photo in three different ways. More...

          Resize  Resize an image quickly and easily. More...

          Flip  Just click on an appropriate thumbnail to flip an image. More...


Handy features:

                         image slope adjusting by specifying a horizontal or vertical axis;
                         auto cropping external edges arising after photo rotation;
                         quick image resizing without calculating and entering pixel values;
                         switching to the next or previous image in the current folder...

                       See Short Guide to get more info...


Download Rotation Pilot 1.0.4 (2.0M) free! - Win XP/Vista



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