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Short guide - how to rotate, resize and flip your photos with Rotation Pilot


  The Rotation tool

- allows you to rotate an image by specifying a horizontal or vertical axis (1). To specify an axis click and hold the mouse left button on any point on the line, drag the cursor to another point on the line and release the button. The image rotation will be done automatically:


To rotate an image clockwise by a quarter-turn, counterclockwise by a quarter-turn, and by a half-turn, click on an appropriate thumbnail (2):

An arbitrary rotation angle can be specified in the entry field (3). Positive numbers correspond to clockwise rotation.

Smoothing - smoothing line jogs that can appear as the result of rotating. Smoothing contributes to a better result but substantially slower the calculations. If smoothing has not been done manually, the program will do this automatically before saving.

Auto Cropping - the process in which the program cuts out the central rectangular fragment of a rotated image.

After the Apply button is pressed, the program will change the image according to selected settings.


How to resize image

  The Resize tool

- helps to change the size of a photo.


The / 2, / 3, / 4, / 5, and * 2, * 3, * 4, * 5 buttons can be used to quickly change the size of an image without calculating and entering pixels numbers.


Main settings for photo resizing:

  • Width - a new width of an image;
  • Height - a new height of an image;
  • Lock aspect ratio - if checked, the original proportions of the image are locked.

Set the new width and height and click the Apply button to resize the image.


 The Flip tool

How to flip image


Use the tool to flip an image horizontally, along the vertical axis, or vertically, along the horizontal axis.

Just click on an appropriate thumbnail to obtain a desired flip.






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Download Rotation Pilot 1.0.4 (2.0M) - Win 98/ME/2000/XP


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