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Batch-Editing EXIF data for a Group of Files


Batch editing is available using:


Exif Pilot Pro - Multiple Photos Processing Using the Program Interface

As a result of batch editing, values of edited EXIF parameters will be the same for all files included in the batch.

To edit EXIF data in batch:

  1. Choose the files you want to edit.
  2. Click the Edit EXIF Data button:

    Choose Edit Exif Data

  3. Choose an EXIF tag or create a new one. For example, set a new date or time:

    Set new Exif values

  4. Click OK to save the changes.

Using the program interface, the EXIF General, EXIF GPS, and IPTC General tags can be changed.


Batch Editing using Export / Import

Batch editing can be accomplished through exporting/importing EXIF data to XML, MS Excel, and CSV files. This method allows you to change tags that can't be edited using the program interface. More...


How to Batch-Edit EXIF Data for a Group of Files with Exif Farm Pro

1. Select the files whose EXIF data you want to edit.

2. Right-click selected files and choose "Properties" from the context menu:

Choose photos for batch-editing EXIF data

3. Select the "Exif Farm Pro" tab at the top of opened window and click "Edit EXIF data" way down the window:

How to batch-edit EXIF data

4. The following window will appear:

Batch-editing EXIF data

5. Add required data to the fields, for example:

Edit EXIF data for batch of files

6. Click Ok. In this case the options you have edited become the same new instead of previous for all selected files.

7. To edit date and time click the "Edit" button next to requested option:

batch-edit EXIF data

The following window will appear:

batch-edit EXIF data


Please pay attention to the time used in 24-hour format. This means, if you want to change time to 3 PM, you need to add 12 hours to the "PM" time: 3+12=15. So, you need to enter "15:00:00".

Further there are two ways of editing date (time).

The first way is to set new date (time). Note, the fields you are editing this way will become the same for all selected files.

The second way is to add (or subtract) any days and (or) time to current date (time). Note, in this case the edited fields will not be the same for each of selected files if there was any difference before editing.

7.1 To set new date, edit the left field of the "Set up new (date / time)" option, to set new time, edit the right field of the option:

batch-edit EXIF data


Click here to get more detailed information on what field do you need to choose for date / time editing.


For example, you have selected two files with the date (time) values:

batch-edit EXIF data  

Say, you set the following date and time:

batch-edit EXIF data

As a result you will get the same date / time fields at both of the selected files:

batch-edit EXIF data  


7.2 To add several days (hours) to current date, use the "Add to current time (days / hh:mm:ss)" field.

To subtract several days (hours) from current date, use the "Subtract to current time (days / hh:mm:ss)" field.

First, activate the radio button of a suitable field. Set timestamps for example, 2 days ,1 hour and 10 minutes ahead and click the "Ok" button:

batch-edit EXIF data



batch-edit EXIF data


In this case the days (time) will be added to the current dates (time) of the selected files. The date (time) of each selected file will be altered by the value you have set. So these fields will become not the same as before:

batch-edit EXIF data


To avoid undesirable change of EXIF data, please, make backup copies of files before editing.


Note that the batch editing is available only with the Pro versions of Exif Farm and Exif Pilot editors.


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