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Affiliate program


You are welcome to become our affiliate partner and earn at least $10 per sale. See the full list of our "affiliate" products. Put our software on your website and generate sales.

If you have a mailing list of your users, we would like to make the following cooperative offer. If you send to your users our special offer of a 50% discount on our software, you will receive a 50% commission from each sale using the Avangate affiliate service.

become affiliate

Just 3 steps to join our affiliate program:

  1. Register as an affiliate following these instructions:

    Fill the form (step 1 and step 2). You will then receive your account information by email.

    After your application is approved, you can generate the "Buy now" links for the products and add them to your website.

  2. Create a "How to buy" page on your website with the affiliate "Buy now" links, which is generated in your affiliate control panel. It is preferred to make a separate "How to buy" page for each product on your website.

  3. Prepare special versions of installers and upload them to your website. This is required in order to put a link to your "How to buy" web page in the product "How to buy" menus. Just download our "Affiliate utility" and use it to customize installers. After your "How to buy" link is included in the installers, just upload them to your website.

That's all! Each downloaded copy can make you at least $10 right now!


What could you do to push up sales:

  • Write an article about our product showing its main features and how it can be used by a visitor to your website.
  • Post several quality screenshots.
  • Put information about our products in apparent places at your website.


We will be glad to do business with you!


Feel free to ask any questions about our affiliate program:

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