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Two Pilots forum / For software developers / Print to virtual printer without changing focus
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# Posted: 2 Mar 2012 14:34

We're using your on of your custom virtual printers and it's been great so far. The only thing we'd like to be able to disable, is giving our application focus after a print job has finished.

Our user needs to print 100+ documents on a given day, and when she does, our application gets the EMF + text files you produce, and automatically uploads them to our server. The problem is, our application keeps getting focus during the printing process, and steals it from the other application she's working in.

Is there any way to get print jobs like we are now, but not have our application steal the focus (be brought to the foreground) once a print job completes?


# Posted: 2 Mar 2012 14:36

Sorry, "We're using one of your custom virtual printers and it's been great so far."

# Posted: 13 Mar 2012 05:11

Dear NH,

Yes of course. Just remove from your app window all flags which set this window foreground.

Best regards,
Two Pilots

Eduardo Tanner
# Posted: 28 Mar 2012 01:13

Did removing flags helped you?

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