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Two Pilots forum / Digital photo software / Change file name in Exif Pilot
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# Posted: 8 May 2007 07:07


I read all information about Exif Pilot on yours web page and I'm not sure what you mean "...Change name, date, ..."?
Name like file name or name like field in Exif information?
One more question: Can I rename unlimited number photos?

Thank you for answers!

# Posted: 9 May 2007 14:21


You can change next fields: camera model, camera manufacturer, image description, artist, copyright, description, comment, date time, some fields of GPS, IPTS.
But the name not, it is a misprint on our page.

>Can I rename unlimited number photos?
You can change Exif data of the unlimited number photos.

If you need change name of file or whole folder, please use the program placed here

Katerina Zhdanova
Two Pilots



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