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Two Pilots forum / Form filler/maker software / Paid for Software that does not work. Help please
Author Message
# Posted: 30 Dec 2010 03:55

I just purchased the Form Pilot Home 3 edition.
Downloaded "form.exe" as instructed.
Version was 3.0.949
Was emailed an activation code. Installed it. Said code was invalid.
Reapplied for a new activation code - installed it. Said code was invalid.
Emailed for help 2 times.
No response.
Anyone had this same problem. How to solve it?

Thanks much.

# Posted: 30 Dec 2010 04:15

Hello rej123ads,

I've sent you message with a new link.

Best Regards,

# Posted: 2 Jan 2011 18:24

Thanks for support.

I was sent a link to the new 3.0.952 and the registration key worked!



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