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Signature Pilot program guide

Note: Signature Pilot is integrated with Form Pilot.


1. Open your agreement

If you have your agreement in image format, simply select Open in the File pop-up menu.
If your agreement is in any electronic format, first open it in its own program (MS Word, Adobe ...) and then send it from there to Signature Pilot (File / Print / Signature Pilot virtual printer). The agreement image will open in Signature Pilot.


2. Insert the text

Make sure that the Text tool is active. Click at the place in the agreement where the text should begin (a text field will appear), and type what you wish (for example, the name of your company) in that text field.
You can do the same thing to enter any other information that goes along with your signature (for example, your title in the company or the date).
If you want to move the text, just click on the header of the text box and drag it.


3. Sign your agreement

Turn on the Freehand Line tool to sign your agreement using your mouse or graphic tablet (preferred).
You can also sign your name on a piece of paper and scan your signature to make an image-format file with it, and insert the signature image into your document using the Insert Picture option.


4. Save your signature in the program

Put the graphic image of the signature on the Shelf panel. You can either drag it onto the Shelf (at the right side of the program window) and release the button when you get it there, or you can use the Put on the Shelf option. Now it is saved on the Shelf and you can take it from there and insert it into your documents whenever you need it.


5. Send your agreement by e-mail

Choose the Send / E-mail option in the File pop-up menu.


6. Save your document

Use the Save option from the same File pop-up menu.
After you have saved the document in your chosen format, you can open it and print it out.


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